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Mission Statement
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Coaching Philosophy


My Goals as Your Coach


My role is to be teacher, mentor, and role model.

All decisions will be made with what is in the best interest of the TEAM.

I will treat each player equally.

Players will be mentally prepared in the classroom and on the football field.

I will have an open door policy to talk and get to know players.

I will recognize,support, and promote the spiritual needs of my players and coaches. I will foster our beliefs in the importance of God, family, and self.

I will continuously evaluate each player to ensure they are placed in the role that gives them best chance for success.

I will work hard to instill the belief that 100% effort in everything you do will make you successful.

I will work to foster the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social development necessary to equip players to be successful long after they leave the program.

I will teach the values of sportsmanship, leadership, and what it means to be a gentleman.


Team Goals


Our success will be measured in terms of effort and attitude, not wins and losses.

We will work to establish relationships built on trust and respect that extend beyond the team and school.

We will make time to give back to the community.

Our behavior will reflect our character, values, and beliefs.

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