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Vikings Win!!! First playoff win since 1993 beating the #7 team in the state and #1 seed Morgan County Bulldogs
http://accesswdun.com/article/2017/11/604477/vikings-rally-to-knock-off-8-aaa-champ-morgan-county https://www.gainesvilletimes.com/sports/east-hall-wins-first-football-playoff-game-1993-tops-no-7-morgan-county-50-36/
Vikings vs Morgan County H.S. in Round 1 of State Playoffs
Friday night November 10th at 7:30 pm. The Vikings will be traveling to the 9-1 Morgan Co. High School Bulldogs for the 1st round of the state playoffs. Morgan Co. H.S.  1231 College Drive, Madison, GA 30650 706.752.4900
Congratulations To Kylan Curry And Every Player Who Helped Him Achieve Georgia Farm Bureau Player Of The Week versus GAC
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